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Crash Bandicoot Mobile

Crash Bandicoot is a platform game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation. Crash Bandicoot was well-received by critics and is often considered to be one of the best platform games of its generation. Its success led to the development of several sequels, and the character of Crash Bandicoot has since appeared in numerous other video games.


The graphics in Crash Bandicoot Mobile are colorful and detailed. The environments are well-designed and the characters are well-animated. The game runs smoothly on most devices, and the frame rate is generally good.


The game's story follows the adventures of the anthropomorphic marsupial Crash Bandicoot as he sets out to stop the evil Dr. Neo Cortex from taking over the world. The game is set on the fictional Wumpa Islands, and its gameplay is mostly based on platforming. 

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is a platform game that features elements of puzzle-solving and racing. The game is played from a third-person perspective, and the player controls Crash Bandicoot, who must progress through a series of levels while avoiding various enemies and obstacles. The game's levels are linear, and the player must complete each level before progressing to the next.

The gameplay is mostly based on platforming, and the player must use Crash Bandicoot's abilities to jump, spin, and crawl to navigate through the levels. The game also features a number of power-ups that can be used to help Crash Bandicoot progress through the levels. These power-ups include invincibility, extra lives, and invulnerability.

The game also features a number of bonus levels, which can be accessed by finding secret areas in the main levels. These bonus levels often require the player to complete a specific task, such as collecting a certain number of items, before they can be completed.

Replay Value

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is a fun and challenging game that can be replay value. The game's levels are linear, but the player can often find alternative routes through the levels that can make the game more challenging. The game also features a number of bonus levels, which can provide an additional challenge for the player.


Crash Bandicoot Mobile is a fun and challenging platform game that features colorful graphics, smooth gameplay, and good replay value. The game is suitable for all ages and is a great choice for both casual and hardcore gamers.

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Author: King
Latest Version: 0.1.1279
Publish Date: February 26, 2022
Size: Varies with device

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