Xur's Weekly Wares: Gear Up for Destiny 2's Finale with Exotic Finds on Nessus

James Walsh


Xur's Weekly Wares: Gear Up for Destiny 2's Finale with Exotic Finds on Nessus

In the constantly evolving universe of Destiny 2, players eagerly anticipate the weekly arrival of Xur, the mysterious Exotic gear vendor. Xur's collection offers an array of weaponry and armor that can significantly alter gameplay, making his whereabouts highly sought after. As Season of the Witch draws to a close and Season of the Wish looms on the horizon, the anticipation for new Exotics and Legendary gear is palpable. With the introduction of Dragon's Breath's upgraded version, players are advised to seize this opportunity to enhance their arsenal for the final season of Lightfall. This article delves into Xur's current location and his offerings, guiding players on how to make the most out of their Legendary Shards.

Xur's Secret Hideout

This week, the elusive vendor has chosen Nessus as his hideout, setting up shop in The Watcher's Grave. Known for his unpredictable appearances, finding Xur is akin to participating in a treasure hunt, with rewards that significantly benefit the persistent Guardian.

Exclusive Inventory

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Exotic Armor Pieces

For Guardians looking to upgrade their defense and offensive capabilities, Xur's selection caters to each class specifically. Titans can bolster their arsenal with Wormgod Caress gauntlets, Hunters can enhance their mobility with St0mp-EE5 leg armor, and Warlocks can empower their melee attacks with the Felwinter's Helm. Each piece of armor possesses unique attributes tailored to complement various playing styles and strategies.

Powerful Weaponry

In terms of armaments, Xur does not disappoint. Among his offerings is The Colony, a grenade launcher known for its insectoid rounds that mercilessly seek out enemies. For Guardians who favor precision, the Hawkmoon hand cannon also makes a return, although with a roll that might not appeal to everyone. These weapons provide a range of tactical options for both cooperative and competitive play.

Legendary Gear

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Beyond Exotics, Xur's inventory includes a selection of Legendary armor and weapons. Though details are sparse, these items require Legendary Shards and Glimmer, offering a more accessible option for players looking to enhance their arsenal without delving into the complexities of Exotic gear.

Special Quests and Services

Xur also provides the Xenology quest, a challenge that rewards the diligent with an Exotic Cipher, useful for acquiring past Exotic items. His increased cap for Exotic Ciphers signifies a greater opportunity for Guardians to collect rare gear. Additionally, Xur's inventory includes various Legendary weapons and armor pieces, catering to a wide range of combat preferences. In conclusion, Xur's weekend residency in Destiny 2 offers a plethora of opportunities for Guardians to gear up for the battles ahead. Whether it's enhancing your loadout with Exotic items, acquiring versatile Legendary weapons, or undertaking special quests, Xur's arrival is a weekly event that should not go ignored. To maximize your combat potential, be sure to seek out Xur in The Watcher's Grave on Nessus before he vanishes with the weekly reset.