The Top Vehicle-Building Games for PC: Engineering Masterpieces at Your Fingertips

James Walsh


The Top Vehicle-Building Games for PC: Engineering Masterpieces at Your Fingertips

Vehicle-building games have evolved to become an exciting genre in the world of PC gaming. They offer gamers the chance to not only pilot various kinds of vehicles but also to get intricately involved in their creation. These games combine elements of creativity, strategy, and engineering that draw players in while challenging them to improve their designs constantly. Here are some of the best vehicle-building games currently available on PC.

1. Trailmakers

Crafted ingeniously by Flashbulb Games, Trailmakers stands out as one of the best vehicle-building games for the PC. The game presents gamers with the exhilarating task of building their own vehicles from scratch using an easy-to-learn constructor. Trailmakers allow players to experiment with various vehicle designs for land, sea, or air. With its stunning graphics, this game offers a chance for players to test their creations in numerous sandbox maps or take on ambitious expedition challenges. The object seems deceptively simple, but the environment, enemies, and laws of physics make for an exciting challenge.

2. Besiege

With its perfect mix of destruction and construction, Besiege has quickly risen to the height of popularity among PC vehicle-building games. Here, players are set with the task of constructing war machines to DESTROY or TRANSPORT objects to certain locations. Developed by Spiderling Studios, this game allows players to use a rich assortment of components like spinning blades, flamethrowers, and even flying parts. Featuring a gorgeous, stylized medieval aesthetic, the game offers an addictively destructive sandbox mode and a single-player campaign with ingenious levels to conquer.

Besiege game

3. TerraTech

TerraTech is another spectacular vehicle-building game worth mentioning. Developed by Payload Studios, TerraTech places players in a future where Earth's natural resources have depleted. The player's task is to explore, mine, and craft in alien landscapes, using the collected resources to create various vehicles and even facilities. This game brings a different flavor to the vehicle-building genre, incorporating aspects of real-time strategy games and blending it seamlessly with design mechanics. The thrilling combat system makes it even more appealing to gamers.

4. Kerbal Space Program

If the idea of building vessels for space exploration excites you, the Kerbal Space Program should be your go-to game. A brainchild of Squad, the game challenges gamers to build spaceships, rovers, or anything else for the brave Kerbal creatures to pilot. Learning the basics of rocket design and gravity's impact will help gamers in this highly educational, fun, and rewarding game. With its realistic physics engine, players must consider various real-world space navigation techniques.

5. Crossout

For those intrigued by the post-apocalyptic story, Crossout offers an engaging premise accompanied by a rich vehicle-building experience. Launching players into a post-apocalyptic world, the game tasks players with building functional and deadly vehicles to combat enemies. Developed by Targem Games, Crossout’s crafting system lets you explore a wide range of vehicle designs. From light buggies to heavily armored track vehicles, the customization options are endless, making each battle experience unique.

Crossout game

6. Robocraft

Robocraft brings a unique twist to the vehicle-building genre by introducing MOBA-like features. In Robocraft, your craft, refine and battle alongside your robot creations against other players' bots. The design options are endless, ranging from land-based spiders to soaring aircraft. Every creation feels distinctive and personal in this game, developed by Freejam. The only limit is the player's imagination in this block-based building game.

7. Space Engineers

Space Engineers take vehicle-building to the intergalactic level. Developed by Keen Software House, this sandbox game tasks players with building massive space stations, planetside bases, and a variety of spacecraft. This game thrives on realism, and efforts are required by players to maintain and repair their creations constantly. From intricate vehicular design to managing life-support systems, Space Engineers offers an immersive vehicle-building experience unparalleled in scope.

8. Scrap Mechanic

Engaging and enjoyable, Scrap Mechanic is another appealing entry into the vehicle-building genre. Envisioned by Axolot Games, Scrap Mechanic offers players a robust building system with over 100 parts to choose from. The physics-based building process enables a wide range of creative possibilities, from simple cars to elaborate transforming vehicles. The Survival mode injects more thrill, forcing gamers to build defensively against hostile robots.

Scrap Mechanic game

9. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

If you are looking for something a little closer to real life, Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 might be for you. Developed by Red Dot Games, it allows players to operate as a mechanic with the task of repairing, painting, tuning, and driving cars. The game features a rich array of models, making it perfect for auto enthusiasts. Through gameplay, players learn how different parts of the car function, making it both a game and a learning tool.

10. Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Stormworks: Build and Rescue, developed by Sunfire Software, stands out for its emphasis on heroic missions. Here, players design, build, and pilot their rescue vehicles to save lives in dramatic scenarios. The game challenges the players' design skills and reaction time under pressure, making it a unique spin on the vehicle-building genre. From helicopters to ships, the possibilities are endless, offering a comprehensive and wholesome gaming experience.

In conclusion, these vehicle-building games for PC present players with a choice of experiences from pure fun and creativity to learning mechanistic and aerodynamic principles. Whether you love space voyages or land explorations, the real thrill lies in creating your path-breaking machine and taking it for a spin in the in-game world. So, gear up, wear your builder's hat, and dive into the world of these exciting PC games.