Mastering the Art of Obtaining Obsidian Slabs in Lego Fortnite

James Walsh


Mastering the Art of Obtaining Obsidian Slabs in Lego Fortnite

When it comes to gaming complexities, one cannot overlook the challenge posed by procuring Obsidian Slabs in Lego Fortnite. To say the procedure is intricate would be an understatement. From braving a dangerously hot cave to mining obstinate gem formations, substantial effort and strategy is required. This guide aims to present a detailed overview to help gamers secure Obsidian Slabs.

Preparation – Set Up your Basecamp

Basecamp screen

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of securing Obsidian Slabs, it is crucial to establish a strong base or a living environment. For a smoother transition, creating a base on the periphery of a Dry Valley biome is often recommended. This setup serves as an introductory task before embarking on the journey to collect Obsidian slabs.

Your Weapons – The Rare Pickaxe

The journey to obtain Obsidian in Lego Fortnite commences with the equipage of a Rare Pickaxe (or even higher). So how do we get our hands on this essential tool? That's simple. First, upgrade your Crafting Bench to the Rare Tier. Once the crafting bench is upgraded, you can now craft your very own Rare Pickaxe.

Journey to the Dry Valley: Gathering Sand Shells and Creating a Cool-Headed Charm Dry Valley game screen

Now equipped with your Rare Pickaxe, head south-east towards the Dry Valley, a desert biome on your map. Upon reaching the biome, be sure to gather at least three Sand Shells. It forms a key component in creating a Cool-Headed Charm, an essential item to withstand the soaking temperatures of the Lava Caves, your next virtually challenging destination. Once it is created, shift it from your inventory storage to the equipment slot for activation.

Mining Obsidian from Lava Caves

Navigate the Dry Valley biome in search of a cave. Lava Caves are usually marked, and upon locating one, you will encounter a unique sensation of extreme heat or burning. Disregard this discomfort as long as you are equipped with the Cool-Headed Charm. Once safely inside the cave, your quest for Obsidian begins. Keep an eye out for dark purple/blue formations adorning the cave walls. These are your obsidian-rich treasures ready to be harvested with the help of your Rare Pickaxe.

From Obsidian to Obsidian Slabs

obsidian game screen

To convert Obsidian into the desired Obsidian Slabs, the Stone Breaker machine is needed. You can craft one in Lego Fortnite if you do not possess it already. Once obtained, interact with the machine and select the 'Obsidian Slab' recipe from its menu. Input your collected Obsidian into the machine, commencing the transformation process. One Obsidian yields one Obsidian Slab. Once processed, collect your freshly made Obsidian Slabs.

This concludes the guide for obtaining Obsidian Slabs in Lego Fortnite. Remember, strategic preparation and perseverance often lead to success. Additionally, use the various guides available for extra assistance in making the best out of your gaming experience.