Death May Come Quickly, But These Games Are Worth Playing Until the End

James Walsh


Death May Come Quickly, But These Games Are Worth Playing Until the End

With the world of gaming ever-evolving, it's no surprise that more games are embracing death as part of their narratives. It's a brave concept to tackle, as there is often an emotional connection between players and their characters, so when they must die at the end, it can be heartbreaking. The following games all have endings where you will meet your demise – but they're worth playing until then!

Dying Light

Dying Light is a first-person open-world zombie survival horror game from Techland. The player takes on the role of Kyle Crane as he fights against hordes of infected enemies while searching for answers and allies in Harran, Turkey's dangerous cityscape. At its conclusion, Crane has to make a difficult decision: either sacrifice himself so his friends can escape or let them die while he stays safe. It's no surprise that both options lead to one ultimate outcome – Crane dies in order to save his friends and break free from Harran's oppressive regime once and for all. Dying Light leaves players with an emotional ending that will stick with them long after they've set their controller down.

Tekken 7

In Tekken 7’s Story Mode finale, you'll engage in a fierce battle against Kazumi Mishima. After overcoming her formidable adversaries using martial arts prowess and powerful combinations, Kazumi prepares to unleash her ultimate move – one of such magnitude that it threatens to end the lives of both herself and your character. Despite this potential ending being quite dramatic, Tekken 7 ensures that players experience a sense of resolution in the narrative arc.

Tekken 7 game


A Machine For Pigs: This psychological horror adventure forces you into a constant state of fear and paranoia throughout its unsettling story mode. When it comes time for the final confrontation at London’s Tower Bridge Station with Oswald Mandus’ mechanical pig creations – yes, pigs - things get particularly tense as they threaten to overtake humanity if Mandus isn't stopped in time...unfortunately he pays with his life instead. It's hard not to feel sympathy for this tragic protagonist who dies protecting mankind from impending doom.

Halo Reach

In Halo Reach’s narrative conclusion called ‘The Package', Noble Six is tasked with infiltrating Covenant forces in order to deliver valuable data back home safely and without fail. He does just that before sacrificing himself by activating a nuclear explosion, thus destroying most of New Alexandria City in the process (oh wow!). Though heartbreaking in itself due to Noble Six having already lost so much during the course of this mission, ultimately, his death brings full circle both his personal arc within Halo Reach’s campaign while also providing closure on humanity's war against overwhelming odds from alien invaders.

Halo Reach game

Stalker: Shadow Of Chernobyl

It is an open-world action role-playing first-person shooter developed by GSC Game World for PC. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Stalker follows Strelok – a hapless mercenary who finds himself in The Zone – an area around Chornobyl filled with mutants and other dangerous creatures. In this game, your mission is to investigate the mysterious events within The Zone while also trying to survive its dangers. At the end of the game, you are faced with a choice between sacrificing yourself or allowing everyone else to die; either way, it ends with you dying and thus giving up your life for others. It's an emotionally charged moment that will stay with players long after they turn off their consoles or PCs.


It’s an atmospheric horror adventure game from Ebb Software set on a strange alien planet full of puzzles and monsters. As you explore its eerie landscapes, you discover more about what has happened here as well as uncover secrets about yourself along the way, which make for interesting revelations at every turn. At the end of Scorn, however, things take a darker direction as you face your own mortality head-on when confronted by two powerful entities known as 'the Architects'. With no options left but death, it falls upon you to accept it in order to restore balance back into this strange new world that has been so unkindly thrust upon your character throughout the entire course of the game leading up until this point - making it one truly unforgettable ending experience.

Scorn game

Spec Ops

The Line is a third-person shooter developed by Yager Development that takes place in Dubai following an apocalyptic sandstorm that has caused much destruction across its once-grand cityscape, leaving only chaos behind it. Players assume control over Captain Martin Walker, tasked with finding out what transpired during this disastrous event. 

As players progress through Spec Ops' storyline, they come across increasingly difficult moral choices culminating in one final decision whether or not to shoot themselves or someone else. Regardless of the chosen option, it still results in Walker Meeting his demise resulting in one very poignant moment towards a conclusion. This type of narrative structure allows players to reflect on decisions made throughout the entire playthrough and grapple with an internal dilemma regarding how far they would be willing to go in actual circumstances presented before them.

Asura’s Wrath

It’s an anime-inspired hack & slash title from CyberConnect2 featuring titular protagonist Asura fighting against various deities threatening the human race. Throughout the course storyline, players bear witness to numerous battles spanning multiple timelines, all culminating in an epic finale pitting Asura against antagonist Deus who ultimately proves too powerful to overcome despite numerous attempts put forth by the former.

After countless hours of battling forces beyond comprehension, Asura eventually succumbs to defeat, unable to fulfill his quest to protect humanity, resulting in tragedy he had been aiming to avoid the entire time, albeit in a noble fashion. This bittersweet conclusion serves reminder sometimes, no matter how hard we try, results might not always favor us, leaving a somber legacy our efforts failed yet remain honorable nevertheless.