Wes Ball Teases a Groundbreaking Concept for the Legend of Zelda Movie

James Walsh


Wes Ball Teases a Groundbreaking Concept for the Legend of Zelda Movie

The director behind the anticipated Legend of Zelda movie has hinted at an "incredible concept" for the film, expressing his ambition to blend elements of gravity with lightheartedness and innovation. A cinematic adaptation of the iconic Legend of Zelda is in production, helmed by Wes Ball alongside the creative vision of The Maze Runner's director, who recently shared his enthusiasm for the project.

"I've been harboring this incredible concept," Ball confided to Total Film, "pondering over the potential of a Zelda film for an extensive period. My goal is to exceed fandom expectations. Recognizing the significant place the [Zelda] series holds for many, my vision is to craft a film that resonates on a profound level, offering an immersive retreat from reality."

Ball's aspiration to encapsulate the essence of escapism ("I yearn to immerse myself in that realm," he remarked) serves as a cornerstone for the Legend of Zelda film's development.

"The essence I aim to capture is one of authenticity and multifaceted appeal. A blend of seriousness with elements of amusement and fantasy," Ball elaborated on his artistic direction.

The announcement of the Zelda film in November marked the commencement of a collaborative endeavor between Nintendo and Sony Pictures, promising to translate a video game legacy, almost four decades rich, into a live-action spectacle. Primarily centered on the adventures of Link, clad in his iconic tunic, and his confrontations with the nefarious Ganon, among other adversaries, the Zelda franchise boasts sales surpassing 150 million copies. Its latest installment, Tears of the Kingdom, has emerged as one of 2023's top-selling games.

Prior to delving into the lore of the Hero of Time, Wes Ball's forthcoming project, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, is slated for a May 10 release.