Unveiling the Might-Have-Been: Alternative Princess Zelda Designs from Tears of the Kingdom Revealed

James Walsh


Unveiling the Might-Have-Been: Alternative Princess Zelda Designs from Tears of the Kingdom Revealed

The expansive "Tears of the Kingdom Masterworks" volume has disclosed eight never-realized design variations for Princess Zelda, alongside a touching scene featuring Rauru and Sonia. Nintendo has brought to light early design sketches for the reimagined Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, sparking a wave of regular reactions among the fandom.

Through a recent social media update, Nintendo announced its plans to unveil an array of new merchandise for Tears of the Kingdom in celebration of an upcoming anniversary on May 12. This lineup includes the substantial "Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Masterworks" book, a 464-page exploration of the creation process behind the highly successful sequel.

Exploring the Masterworks collection via an online platform offers immediate entry to various initial character drafts excluded from the last version of the game, revealing a variety of creative directions that were explored. Notably, it included eight separate interpretations of Princess Zelda, each featuring a different hairstyle, as evidenced by a preview image from the Tears of the Kingdom Masterworks publication.

Various responses from Zelda enthusiasts have showcased a spectrum of delight. A particularly effusive fan shared their enchantment with the short-haired Zelda concept, using a string of adjectives to express their captivation. Another admirer noted, "This might be one of the rare occasions where the final rendition is perhaps my preference?? Nonetheless, several of these are exceptionally intriguing; I adore her." An additional comment highlighted a specific design, joking, "This one seems like she's about to request a manager," pointing to a design in the bottom-right corner. Amidst the excitement surrounding the latest design reveals, there's a shared sense of relief that the developers just managed to avoid turning Zelda into a clichéd "Karen."

Moreover, the concept art showcasing Rauru and Sonia, who are part of the Zonai tribe in Tears of the Kingdom, has triggered a sentimental reaction. Without divulging any spoilers, there's a profoundly significant reason behind the emotional impact of their joyful embrace.

In conclusion, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, along with Tears of the Kingdom, have significantly boosted the franchise's success on the Switch, contributing to 40% of the series' total sales.