Smite 2 Creators Promise a Continuous Flow of New Characters and Stories

James Walsh


Smite 2 Creators Promise a Continuous Flow of New Characters and Stories

The creators behind the highly anticipated Smite 2, Titan Forge Games, guarantee that their fans will not have to worry about a dearth of new content. With plans to introduce even more of the most sought-after gods as playable characters, there seems to be no end in sight for new content based on what the developers had to say.

Smite 2 was revealed during the middle of the Smite World Championships on January 12. Although the exact date of its alpha testing phase hasn't been disclosed yet, it's expected to happen sometime during this spring. Initially, only a handful of Smite's 129 gods will be accessible in Smite 2. However, the numbers are predicted to rise over time as they plan to introduce more new gods, including popular choices like Hecate.

Considering there are already over 100 playable characters in the initial Smite game, it might seem overwhelming to develop a sequel incorporating even more unique gods. Nevertheless, an executive at Titan Forge Games communicated that the team is certainly not running low on content. He highlighted the numerous gods and Pantheons not yet explored by the team but are frequently discussed. He also pointed out a Reddit poll hosted by Smite's community, which consistently generates a list of a minimum of 50 gods that users are excited about.

With the intention to introduce more Pantheons and eagerly anticipated gods, Smite 2 is set to appease its community's demands. With numerous gods worldwide, it seems like Titan Forge Games' confidence in never running out of content for the game may never fade.