Grendel's Epic Saga Continues in New Trilogy Starting with Devil's Crucible - Defiance

Olivia Flores


Grendel's Epic Saga Continues in New Trilogy Starting with Devil's Crucible - Defiance

Grendel makes a comeback in Devil's Crucible - Defiance, initiating a fresh trilogy of enthralling narratives featuring Matt Wagner's renowned masked executioner. The epic journey of Grendel is set to continue this July. Matt Wagner reengages with Grendel: Devil's Crucible - Defiance, an entirely new four-issue short series that brings Grendel Prime back to our planet, only to discover that both humanity and the ruling Necro Lords have opposed the Grendels, compelling Prime to adopt a disguise. The coloring of the series is done by Brennan Wagner, with Steve Dutro and Rob Leigh taking care of lettering.

"Devil's Odyssey was a significant divergence in the futuristic backdrop of Grendel. Devil's Crucible advances even further by overturning the principles and setting of that universe completely," Wagner announced. "The erstwhile ruling Grendel factions and their martial supremacy are no more, and what replaces that dictatorial regime is…considerably more dire! I have several astonishing twists planned for this narrative and a caution for the devoted followers; beware what you yearn for!"

Glimpse the primary cover by Matt Wagner and Brennan Wagner, along with a solo alternative by Brennan Wagner.

Devil's Crucible - Defiance marks the commencement of an anticipated Grendel trilogy by Wagner in collaboration with Dark Horse, initially revealed in 2021. The follow-ups, tentatively named Devil's Crucible - Sedition and Devil's Crucible - Necrotic, are still awaiting detailed information and launch dates.

Grendel is currently experiencing a notable revival, with Wagner revisiting the original narrative of the masked assassin through a "Master's Edition" hardcover. This edition extends the initial Grendel tale, 'Devil by the Deed', into a full graphic novel, enhancing it with 120 pages of novel artwork.

Published by Dark Horse Comics on July 3 is Grendel: Devil’s Crucible - Defiance #1