Google Home Introduces a New Automation Feature Ahead of the Schedule

Olivia Rodriguez


Google Home Introduces a New Automation Feature Ahead of the Schedule

Google is all about redesigning its all recently, but it doesn’t forget to add new abilities as well. This is the case with Google Home, which, along with complete redesign, received a new automation feature. Now you can create Assistant routines with device triggers implemented, so the response may depend on their state.

Google Home uses device triggers in automation when you want one device to respond to a signal from another. For example, if the motion sensor detects someone enters the room in the evening, smart bulbs in that room may interpret this as the signal to turn on. Or you can activate your smart coffee maker as soon as you turn on the light in the corridor when returning home. Scenarios may be incredibly diverse: you can create dependences on sunset or sunrise time, the weather, your location, and so on. Of course, the good old voice activation is also possible.

One trigger can be associated with multiple actions. For example, as you turn on the light on returning, the coffee maker can turn on, and your smart curtains may close, while Assistant wishes you good evening with the speaker. The available triggers will be shown in the app, next to the devices they may come from, so you can use them in your Assistant routines.

This feature was scheduled to arrive along with the app redesign. But, according to Google, some users may receive it even before the redesign. Using triggers for automation with the old UI may be less convenient (there must be a reason Google planned these updates on the same date), but it’s still great to have them.

If you are a smart home dweller, which platform do you use? Have you set up routines, and which ones would you recommend? And have you received this update already? If so, how does it perform? We’d like to read your impressions in the comments section!