Former Grand Theft Auto Developer’s Game Studio Attracts $110M in New Funding

James Walsh


Former Grand Theft Auto Developer’s Game Studio Attracts $110M in New Funding

Build a Rocket Boy, a game development studio based in Scotland, has successfully raised $110 million in a Series D funding round. The studio was established by Leslie Benzies, a well-known figure in the gaming industry and a former lead developer for the renowned Grand Theft Auto series. The capital infusion arrives as a notable achievement shortly before the studio is set to launch its inaugural game titles along with a comprehensive open-world platform.

Benzies, recognized for his influential role as the previous president of Rockstar North, steered the development of the successful Grand Theft Auto series from its third installment until he parted ways with the company in 2016. Post his departure, Benzies was immersed in setting up his next big venture, which was renamed from Royal Circus Games to Build a Rocket Boy in 2018 due to naming conflicts. This shift did not hamper the company's finance raising, as it successfully attracted a minimum of $40 million in funding to establish a range of new game titles.

Although still unreleased, Build a Rocket Boy has hinted at a novel immersive open-world platform titled Everywhere. The game promotes community-driven interactions, allowing players to construct their own virtual environments. Additionally, a fresh game named MindsEye, promoted as a narrative-driven action journey, is also in the works. Both games are scheduled to be launched soon.

With the latest Series D round, led by the New York-based RedBird Capital Partners and involvement from participants like NetEase Games and Galaxy Interactive, the company is also unveiling a new suite of user-generated content (UGC) design tools named Arcadia. Transcending geographical boundaries, the company has established its footholds in Edinburgh, alongside new development hubs in Budapest and Montpellier.