Fight'N Rage to Launch PS5 and Xbox Series X Support in March

James Johnson


Fight'N Rage to Launch PS5 and Xbox Series X Support in March

Fight'N Rage is a side-scrolling brawler developed by independent studio Seba Games Dev that was originally released in 2019. It combines classic arcade fighting mechanics with elements of modern brawlers and action games. Now, the game is set to receive support for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles in March 2023. 

This new update, titled the ‘Furian War Edition,’ will bring Fight'N Rage to the console generation with improved visuals, more complete online modes, and new content. The game will be playable at 4K resolution, with improved texture resolution and lighting, as well as a new rendering system. Fight'N Rage will also feature a new online cooperative mode, as well as two new characters, two new stages, and a new game mode.

The game's original three characters (Lobo, Melinda, and Wardog) will return, each with new abilities and special moves. The two new characters, meanwhile, are the alien Furians. The new stages will be set in the Furians' city and in the jungle, and the new game mode will be called the ‘Furian War.’ This mode will allow players to select their own team of three characters and battle against computer-controlled enemies.

Another major addition to Fight'N Rage is the ‘Classic Arcade Mode,’ which will allow players to experience the game as it was originally designed. This mode will feature the original game's graphics, music, and gameplay with no additional content or changes. 

Fight'N Rage is an exciting and unique brawler that combines classic arcade mechanics with modern elements. With the upcoming launch of the ‘Furian War Edition,’ the game will offer an even more complete experience for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S owners. Players will be able to enjoy the game as it was originally designed due to the update, which will include enhanced visuals, fresh content, and a Classic Arcade Mode.