Exploring the Connection Between Genshin Impact's Archons and Trees

James Johnson


Exploring the Connection Between Genshin Impact's Archons and Trees

Since Genshin Impact was released, players have noticed a strong correlation between the Archons and their divine trees. With each chapter being unveiled, gamers have become more and more invested in the story of these powerful characters, their history, and their connections to the trees that are spread throughout the world of Teyvat.

The oak tree in Mondstadt is connected with the Anemo Archon, Vennessa. She was an enslaved gladiator who fought in the Colosseum and rose to become a legendary warrior who founded the Knights of Favonius. To honor her, Vennessa sacrificed herself to ascend to Celestia and become a symbol of hope for the people of Mondstadt.

The next tree lies near Mt. Nantianmen and is connected to the Geo Archon, Morax. During the ancient era, Morax and his old friend Azhdaha were best friends. In order to protect him, Morax had to seal his friend away as his mind was being eroded away by the power of the Ley Lines.

The Sacred Sakura tree in Inazuma is associated with the region's first archon, Reiden Makoto, better known as Baal. Before she died, Makoto planted a Sacred Sakura Tree on top of Mount Yugu, which Iyi later used to defeat Inazuma's enemies.

Finally, the divine tree in Sumeru is connected to the Greater Lord Rukkhadevata. To save the region, she had to sacrifice her life to cure Irminsul, the root of Dendro's elemental powers. Irminsul is directly connected to the consciousness of the Dendro Archon.

In conclusion, Genshin Impact's divine trees are an integral part of the game's main storyline, connecting the characters, their respective regions, and the Archons that look over and protect them. Each tree has a rich story that helps to deepen the game's lore and mythology. With the addition of new Archons and regions, players can expect to explore even more divine trees in the future.