Embark on the Ultimate Journey with Star Wars Outlaws, Powered by Nvidia

Olivia Flores


Embark on the Ultimate Journey with Star Wars Outlaws, Powered by Nvidia

In an exciting announcement during the Game Developer's Conference 2024 held in San Francisco, Nvidia has unveiled a partnership with Ubisoft's Star Wars Outlaws, setting the stage for an unparalleled Star Wars gaming adventure. Boasting the advanced technology of DLSS 3 and ray tracing, this upcoming PC title promises a visual fidelity and intricate detail unmatched in the franchise’s history. Furthermore, the game will be accessible through Nvidia’s GeForce Now Ultimate streaming service, ensuring a broad and immersive experience for Star Wars fans across the globe.

Utilizing the remarkable capabilities of Massive Entertainment's Snowdrop Engine, Star Wars Outlaws is designed to offer fans a breathtakingly detailed universe. The game aims to transport players into iconic, meticulously recreated Star Wars settings, allowing them to explore beautiful worlds and legendary ships. The developers' dedication to worldbuilding shines through in every aspect of the game, making it a groundbreaking addition to the Star Wars series as its first open-world game.

Tobias Carlsson, the technical director of Outlaws, has expressed that the game focuses on delivering a truly expansive experience where players can traverse the galaxy’s outer rim, discovering both well-known and novel locations. By leveraging DLSS 3 technology, the development team can fully realize their ambitious vision, enriching the player's adventure with Kay Vess and Nix, the game's protagonists, through enhanced ray tracing features that deepen immersion.

Star Wars Outlaws differentiates itself with a focus on the fine details and deep immersion within its open-world rather than prioritizing scale for its own sake. The game encourages exploration beyond the main path, rewarding player curiosity with unique experiences. Unlike some expansive titles, Outlaws does not divert into multiple endings but keeps its emphasis on a single, richly crafted narrative journey.

To get a deeper understanding of what Star Wars Outlaws holds, insights from Julian Gerighty, the creative director, highlight the game's ambitions to redefine the shooter experience within the beloved Star Wars universe. With its advanced technological foundation and a passion for detail, Star Wars Outlaws is poised to offer a stellar new chapter for fans and gamers alike.