Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR Update Unleashes Enhanced Controller Support and Game-Changing Adjustments

Olivia Flores


Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR Update Unleashes Enhanced Controller Support and Game-Changing Adjustments

The update notes for Season 4 of Diablo 4's Public Test Realm (PTR) have been released, spanning an impressive 10,000 words, ushering in pivotal news for gamers using controllers.

The comprehensive PTR update for Diablo 4's fourth season is out, and it's loaded with an extensive array of modifications, revamps, fresh mechanisms, and fine-tunings. Among these, a noteworthy alteration aims at enhancing the experience for controller users to more closely match that of their mouse and keyboard counterparts.

The scale of this update cannot be understated—it's set to revolutionize gameplay in Season 4, which debuts on Tuesday, May 14. Additionally, a PTR trial from April 2 to April 9 offers gamers an opportunity to explore all the novelties and provide Blizzard with vital feedback for potential inclusion. Viewers are encouraged to delve into the PTR's detailed patch notes, which outline comprehensive adjustments to itemization, the restructured Helltide event, the boss ladder, and further endgame activities. Notably, to access the full extent of the patch notes at the bottom, expansion is required, as Blizzard opted to keep them hidden by default to ease the load on web browsers. Highlighted in Blizzard's three-point summary:

A hidden gem in the Miscellaneous section of the patch notes reveals: "Now, the distance covered by traversal abilities like Leap and Teleport can be adjusted by the degree to which the controller's analog stick is moved. This improvement allows controller users sharper control over these abilities' range, closely aligning their experience with that of mouse and keyboard users." As a dedicated Diablo 4 enthusiast on PS5, this announcement marks a significant enhancement. Despite the inherent advantages of mouse and keyboard, especially in PvP scenarios, this update significantly empowers console players with improved precision during critical moments. Additionally, the patch notes mention, "navigation through the Skill Tree is now possible with the controller's D-pad." An absolute delight for my ears.

The launch of Diablo 4 Season 4 was pushed to May to give Blizzard additional time to process and apply the feedback gathered from the PTR. Therefore, if you engage with this immense update before its official release, your input could pave the way for impactful alterations. For those venturing into Sanctuary or returning heroes, here's a selection of essential Diablo 4 tips to acquaint yourself with.