CD Projekt Affirms No Microtransactions in Single-Player Games, Open to Multiplayer Monetization

James Walsh


CD Projekt Affirms No Microtransactions in Single-Player Games, Open to Multiplayer Monetization

An executive from CD Projekt has expressed that their beloved franchises, Witcher and Cyberpunk, do not align with the integration of microtransactions within their single-player narratives. Despite a robust pipeline of games from CD Projekt Red on the horizon, concerns regarding a pivot towards aggressive monetization tactics in a pursuit of profit seem unfounded. The company maintains its stance against incorporating microtransactions in solo adventures, reserving such strategies for potential multiplayer endeavors.

In a digital conversation facilitated by the Polish financial portal as shared by JuiceHead via Twitter, CFO Piotr Nielubowicz of CD Projekt was queried on the firm’s intentions towards microtransactions in upcoming projects. "In the context of single-player games, microtransactions do not find a role," asserted Nielubowicz, translating via Google Translate. "However, for future multiplayer initiatives, we are not dismissing the possibility of adopting this model."

Presently, CD Projekt Red is advancing on at least one multiplayer venture, identified as Project Sirius. This endeavor envisions blending multiplayer elements with a foundational single-player narrative within the Witcher universe, although the project underwent a developmental reset. Karolina Gnaś, Vice President of Investor Relations, mentioned during the discussion that Sirius is presently in a pre-production phase.

There's also chatter around introducing multiplayer aspects to the sequel of Cyberpunk 2077, yet a concrete decision hasn’t been made. The ambition of integrating multiplayer into the inaugural Cyberpunk 2077 installment did not materialize. With none of CD Projekt's future releases appearing imminent, time will unveil the studio's approach towards multiplayer microtransactions.

BioWare lamented missing a pivotal opportunity with The Witcher, potentially echoing Valve’s Steam platform's success: "Regret is profound on our end now."