Android Pixel Bluetooth Problems After January Security Patch

James Walsh


Android Pixel Bluetooth Problems After January Security Patch

The newest update for the Google Pixel has been met with excitement by many drivers. However, some owners of the device are facing a new set of frustrations as their ability to connect or stay connected to their cars via Bluetooth appears to have become crippled after the January security patch hit. Reports from Reddit and Twitter users suggest that it primarily affects models powered by Tensor chips such as Pixels 6 and 7; Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, and Infiniti are some of the brands which may be affected. 

Android Police staff members have noticed similar issues when trying to pair their devices with vehicles. Rajesh Pandey’s connection kept dropping off his Toyota car after installing the patch, while mine connected successfully with my Chevy Colorado without any hiccups; thus, we can infer that not all manufacturers seem to be affected in this case. Ara Wagoner pairs her 2018 Honda without issue as well; however, reports from other users suggest otherwise, especially those using Kia or Hyundai cars dating back as early as 2012, who also stated they had no problems until January's update rolled out onto Pixel phones. 

It still remains unclear what exactly caused this problem though there does appear to be a connection between it and Januray's security patch, considering the sudden increase in reports since then alone. Only when an official statement is released by Google, we recommend drivers who rely heavily on Bluetooth connections either slow down on updating or avoid doing so altogether if they still need to do so. Stay safe while navigating behind the wheel or listening to music - look into FM adapters or other Bluetooth receivers in case you're having difficulties pairing your phone up due to other issues related to the patch itself.

All in all, it looks like many drivers who rely upon Bluetooth connectivity had better wait until February’s patch rolls out (if available) in order to maintain safe connections whilst behind the wheel of their vehicles - unless you really own an unencumbered brand/model then you can certainly update your phone no problem whatsoever!