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Health Potion Studios

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Out of Control Review

Out of Control is an app by Health Potion Studios. Out of Control was first published on . It is accessible for Steam, Other.

Out of Control is a platformer where the controls randomize each level!
Play through 30+ levels and fight challenging bosses in a game that makes you say 'Which one is jump again?'

  • Hand drawn art
  • Frustrating but satisfying gameplay
  • More than 40 levels each with a collectible
  • Secret exits
  • More than 20 unique enemy types
  • Challenging bosses to test your skills
Professor Croak never intended to cause problems, but coding isn’t easy when you only have three fingers. He wanted to create robots to protect the forest, but instead they malfunctioned and are on a rampage. Armed with the professor’s newest creation, it’s up to Roscoe to stop the robots and bring back peace to the forest.

Out of Control

4.2 / 5

Out of Control Logo
Author: Health Potion Studios

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