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Make a word! Review

Make a word! is an application created by Educational Games. Make a word! was first published on . It is accessible for Steam.

This game will help you learn new words and get to know the language you want to learn. Also it will be very useful for children who want to know what are the names of certain subjects. Stop wasting time on useless entertainment and guide it with the use of making up words and training in recognition of various items.


  • Very entertaining
  • Helps in language learning
  • Contains many thematic categories
  • Very easy to operate
  • Nice graphics

Here is a list of a plurality of cubes with letters stacked in a chaotic manner. What you have to do? It's very simple - you need to look closely at the cubes and understand what word you can make from them. In this difficult task you will help the picture very close and pointing to the importance of the word that is hidden in this mess. However, the letters can be so very mixed, even with a picture it will be harder than it looks at first glance. Also in the corner mercilessly ticking stopwatch, counting time till the end of the round. Playing this puzzle game, you will learn many new words, but also can test whether you have learned is already known. Nice graphics and cheerful music will make this process fun and interesting and you will definitely spend more than one hour, competing in the preparation of various words. The game has lots of themed categories, which differ in meaning. For example, transport, fruit, vegetables, interior, body parts, animals, plants - everything that we often meet around and were most popular. By examining these words you can describe the world around you and to explain to others the most necessary of things.

Make a word!

3 / 5

Make a word! Logo
Author: Educational Games
Size: 500 MB available space

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